Welcome to Sentosa Sensoryscape

A seamless journey from ridge to reef that unfolds a myriad of sensorial delights. Designed to blend the island’s natural beauty with biophilic architecture and innovative technology, this unique landmark is an invitation to reconnect with the senses, day or night.

A new chapter in the island’s evolution

Spanning across 30,000sqm, Sensoryscape is the first milestone of the Sentosa-Brani Master Plan, marking a significant step in Sentosa's evolution as a leading global leisure and lifestyle destination. Nestled at the heart of Sentosa, this 350m north-south central spine connects guests from Resorts World Sentosa to the golden beaches, with an immersive, multi-sensory experience.

Signature architecture that harmonises with nature

Designed by Serie + Multiply, Sensoryscape transcends conventional boundaries between architectural and landscape design. Its sensory gardens, framed by three intricate diagrid structures, harmoniously connect guests with the nature that surrounds them. The basket-inspired woven strucures of the sensory gardens enclose guests within, inviting them to appreciate the curated landscape in their view, while also allowing for quiet contemplative moments.

A plethora of immersive audio-visual experiences

Sensoryscape transforms into a night-time spectacle as daylight fades. Here, guests are immersed in a nature-inspired soundscape, where interactive digital light art and augment reality ignite the sixth sense of imagination. The ImagiNite experience plays out with light shows and digital floor projections across Sensoryscape, weaving unique narratives that are designed to marvel. From Symphony Streams' enchanting underwater worlds to Palate Playground's interactive light projections and Lookout Loop's light beam dance, augmented reality enriches each environment, seamlessly fusing the tangible with the virtual.

Eco-friendly design

Our commitment to the environment is evident in our construction practices. From a 124m service road, constructed using NEWBitumen by Magorium Pte Ltd, to the usage of diagrid structures that optimise natural light and airflow, our efforts are designed to reduce reliance on artificial cooling and lighting. Moreover, the water that flows through Symphony Streams is part of a closed circuit, ensuring both sustainability and a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Designing a biophilic sanctuary

Sensoryscape preserves high-value trees to attract birds, fostering Sentosa's role in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. Enhanced with additional greenery for cooling benefits, this approach bolsters ecological continuity, reduces our carbon footprint, and enriches biodiversity.