Scented Sphere
Venture into Scented Sphere, where natural fragrances form a year-round scent palette that reflects the island's rich natural heritage. Immerse your senses in an aromatic landscape of Sentosa's diverse and therapeutic flora.
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Embark on an olfactory journey.

Indulge your sense of smell within the aromatic landscape of Sentosa's therapeutic flora. This porous steel vessel is accented by a ring of overhanging giant armatures containing scented plants. Slow down in this forest-like setting and enjoy nature's fragrances.

At sunset, step into a magical interactive light art and augmented reality experience. Dance with the butterflies amid illusionary flowers that only bloom in Scented Sphere at night.

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As night falls, Sensoryscape's ImagiNite experience awakens.
Step into a magical world of nature-inspired soundscapes, interactive light projections, and augmented reality experiences – set to ignite your sixth sense of imagination.
Behold the wonder: The ImagiNite SpectacularBehold the wonder: The ImagiNite Spectacular
The ImagiNite experience captivates with its night-time spectacle across Sensoryscape, weaving unique narratives designed to amaze. From Symphony Streams' enchanting underwater world and interactive projections at Palate Playground to the dancing light beams at Lookout Loop, the beauty of each area is magnified as night falls.
Unlock the full splendour of Sensoryscape with your phone.Unlock the full splendour of Sensoryscape with your phone.

Download the ImagiNite app and let your senses be your guide. Witness vibrant light shows and video mapping come alive, as the marine animals and butterflies dance within mesmerising virtual realms through augmented reality. Experience Hyperzoom, a photo spot where you can take long range photos using the camera at the upper deck, to create unforgettable memories!

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